Apps References


The functions of the app can be divided in 3 categories:

  • First, it provide the designated useful websites that guest can access directly, meeting information demand covering shopping, dining and transportation etc.
  • Second, it provide some useful build-in information, such as map and hotel service directory.
  • Last,also the most powerful key features of this app, enable the guest to submit information or request towards reception, leave comment on the server and chat with friends in in other rooms..

E-guestbook service:guests can browse the recent comments about this hotel, and also leave it a comment through this app. All the comments are stored in server and only the recent comments sent to the app.

Guest-to-guest chatting: it offers a convenient way to chat with friends or even the newly known travelers within the same hotel. All they need to do is just type the room number and the contents and send it. The corresponding guest will receive this message automatically and the message will be displayed in the guest-to-guest message page.

Housekeeping Service: guest can send message or request to the hotel front desk by two manners. Before arriving at the hotel, the guest can send his or her arrival message to the front desk within this app. Such message will be sent to the hotel front desk email account and they follow it. Apart from that, a wide range of housekeeping services, such as restaurant booking, extra pillow request, can be done through this app.