Digital Signage

The CyberMedia HDTV Broadcasting System is designed for the needs of food & beverage industry especially for the restaurants and caterers. The system is simple to use, no training required, plug & play and the major functions are:

  1. Direct broadcasting of banquet function
  2. Direct broadcasting high-definition television or video
  3. Promotion of seasonal dishes or special hours on split screen
  4. Calling of tickets that queue up for tables (4 colors of tickets)
  5. Can be connected to a number of LCD television sets or projectors
  6. Split or full screen display
  7. Instant messaging

The system is aimed at improving customer service, whether waiting for the table, or dining or watching the host’s videos, the restaurant can arrange different mode of HD infotainment. The CyberMedia HDTV Broadcasting System for Restaurants is here for outstanding customer perception in this competitive Food & Beverage industry.